Affiliated Companies

Thierica Display Products

Instrumentation & display component production and assembly: Increasing the precision of display and pushbutton components is vital to the automotive, aerospace, telecommunications and computer/electronics industries. But achieving and maintaining critical tolerances often approaches the "impossible." This is when many companies choose Thierica to manufacture their instrumentation parts and complete display assemblies. Our capability to produce the substrate and apply the decoration and finish results with an unprecedented level of precision.

Thierica Equipment Group

Integrated systems for precision finishing and coating: Achieving precision requires more than just buying equipment. Each component must be designed to meet the exacting criteria and specific objectives of the task. And all must work together as a system. Thierica can help you achieve this degree of integrated precision because we draw on our own resources. Starting with a design that meets all your requirements ­ including overall cost -- we can engineer, build, and install your custom automated assembly or finishing system, and back it up with our service and spare parts response system. If your goal is high precision and high productivity, we will help you get there.

Thierica de Mexico

Recognizing that high precision knows no borders, we established Thierica de Mexico as a separate entity offering finishing systems consulting, installation, components, electrical/controls service and other support services for our customers. If you have an operation in Mexico or Central America, we would be interested in discussing your needs and requirements.

Thierica de Brazil

Based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, this division provides support and service for Thierica Equipment Corporation customers in South America.