Over 60 Years Of Experience

For more than 6 decades, Thierica has focused on engineering excellence. As the need for improved finishing and decorative display technology has grown, we have continued to expand our range of equipment and services.

Today, we take pride in being at the leading edge of technology in coating, finishing, precision marking, and display component assembly. From aerospace and automotive, to industrial, to consumer and wood systems products, Thierica has the proven experience necessary to meet your specific requirements. 

Unlike many other companies, we don't just assemble someone else's machinery. We design and build most of our own equipment. Thierica's unique corporate structure enables us to offer a complete range of services – from innovative designs, to turnkey systems. Each of our operating groups is an independent organization. This allows them to focus on their specific areas of technological excellence. But when the project calls for multi-discipline experience, we can draw on our broad base to deliver the optimal solution - at the lowest possible cost.